True green analytical chemistry with µSPE Clean-up of QuEChERS extracts
True green analytical chemistry with µSPE Clean-up of QuEChERS extracts

New PAL System μSPE Cartridges

The PAL µSPE cartridge stands for a miniaturized and robust SPE technology that allows reliable automation and reduction of used sample and solvent without compromising performance. The µSPE has therefore emerged as a new standard for extraction, purification, concentration or filtration for automated environmentally friendly analysis processes.


Key functionality:

  • Septumless cartridge desgin with patented sealing
  • High pressure rating (up to 10 bar)
  • Multiple elution’s supported
  • Sorbent capacity: up to 100 mg packing possible
  • Chemically inert materials used 
  • Free of extrables & leachables
  • Designed to penetrate pre-slit septa of vials
  • Desinged to elute directly into PAL System liquid injection ports

Benefits compared to dSPE:

  • Provides better cleanup than dispersive-SPE 

  • Requires no sample concentration by evaporation

  • The recent publication by Nicolas Michlig and Steven J. Lehotay  (US Department of Agriculture, Wyndmore PA, USA) evaluated the novel septumless µSPE cartridge with high extract load flow rates in the range of up to 10 µL/s, using extract volumes of up 600 µL. More than 250 pesticides were tested using the QuEChERSER methodology with LPGC-MS/MS analysis, which achieved recoveries of 80 to 120% for more than 260 pesticides. Optimization experiments led to a routine extract load volume of 500 µL at 5 µL/s flow rate.

    Authors: Nicolás Michlig, Steven J. Lehotay

Micro-SPE Posters, App Notes and recent Publications:

Characterization of the New PAL Micro-SPE Cartridge for Pesticides Extract Clean-up (presented at LAPRW 2023 in Panama)

Hans-Joachim Huebschmann and Lucas Luethy, CTC Analytics AG, Switzerland

Routine Pesticide Analysis using Micro-SPE (Application note)

Andreas Schürmann, Claudio Crüzer, Veronika Duss, Thomi Preiswerk, Hans-Joachim Huebschmann

Steven Lehotay et al, 2022​ 

Amadeo Fernandez-Alba et al. 2023, open Access

Mette Poulson et al., 2021​, open Access

Goon et al: Journal of AOAC International Vol. 103, No.1, 202

Fully Automated QuEChERS Extraction and Clean-up of Organophosphate
Pesticides in Orange Juice
Hübschmann et al, 2023

Automated micro-solid-phase extraction clean-up and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis of pesticides in foods extracted with ethyl acetate, open access 

Andreas Schürmann, Claudio Crüzer, Veronika Duss, Robin Kämpf, Thomi Preiswerk, Hans‑Joachim Huebschmann

Watch the instructive video explaining the workflow of the µSPE QuEChERS extract clean-up