New PAL System micro-SPE Cartridges
New PAL System micro-SPE Cartridges

New PAL System μSPE Cartridges

Micro-SPE has developed as the new standard for exctraction, clean-up, concentration, or filtration for automated green analytical workflows. The design of the new PAL µSPE cartridge allows for the reliable automated processing with high sample throughput, accomplishing the principles of green sample preparation.


The new PAL System µSPE cartridge consists of two parts. The polymer material used is chemically inert and free from leachables. The outer part (1) provides a higher capacity and flexible volume for filter disks (3) and the sorbent material (4). The bottom outlet is designed to penetrate pre-slit septa and to deliver directly to LC injection ports. The inner plunger (2) provides critical functionality with the compression of the sorbent/filter layers, and a precise needle guide for safe and upright transport. An essential feature is the ability to withstand high pressure and prevent leakage around the syringe needle, which allows for faster loading of larger sample volumes. Applications range from food pesticides, water, and drug analysis to forensic and pharmacological applications.

Key functionality:

  • Novel septumless cartridge desgin with patented sealing
  • High pressure rating (up to 10 bar)
  • Multiple elution’s supported
  • Sorbent capacity: up to 100 mg packing possible
  • Chemically inert materials used 
  • Free of extrables & leachables
  • Designed to penetrate pre-slit septa of vials
  • Desinged to elute directly into PAL System liquid injection ports
  • Same overall dimensions and PAL objects as ITSP µSPE cartridges to allow smooth method and PAL configuration transition.
  • In built quality controls (each cartridge is checked for correct weight and sorbent packing height) to ensure stable results

Benefits to previous version:

  • Multiple elution steps thanks to septumless design
  • Higher sorbents capacity for broader application ranges
  • Higher productivity thanks to shorter cycle time (up to 500 µL/ min flow rates)
  • Minimized delay volume (20 µL)
  • Development kit for customized sorbent materials packing

Download Publication

The recent publication by Nicolas Michlig and Steven J. Lehotay  (US Department of Agriculture, Wyndmore PA, USA) evaluated the novel septumless µSPE cartridge with high extract load flow rates in the range of up to 10 µL/s, using extract volumes of up 600 µL. More than 250 pesticides were tested using the QuEChERSER methodology with LPGC-MS/MS analysis, which achieved recoveries of 80 to 120% for more than 260 pesticides. Optimization experiments led to a routine extract load volume of 500 µL at 5 µL/s flow rate.

Authors: Nicolás Michlig, Steven J. Lehotay

Download Poster

Characterization of the New PAL Micro-SPE Cartridge for Pesticides Extract Clean-up - presented at LAPRW 2023 in Panama

Authors: Hans-Joachim Huebschmann and Lucas Luethy, CTC Analytics AG, Switzerland

Watch the instructive video explaining the workflow of the µSPE QuEChERS extract clean-up

µSPE QuEChERS extract clean-up

PAL System µSPE Hardware Kit

Part No. Description                                                
PAL3-HW-uSPE54    µSPE hardware kit for PAL System cartridges and PAL RTC
consisting of:

1 pc uSPE Liquid Tool D8/57 with Needle Guide for µSPE cartridges
2 pcs Liquid smart syringe 1000µL (SF1000-57-T-22-FL), gauge 22, flat tip
1 pc Tray Holder
2 pcs VT54 rack (PAL3-Rack-VT54)
1 pc uSPE Cartridge Tray, 54 position, aluminum 
1 pc uSPE Elution Tray Cover, 54 position aluminum
1 pc Waste Receptacle with drain
4 pcs PAL Systrem µSPE cartridges for initial installation, 3-point teaching

USB stick with installation guide

(requires PAL RTC System.  Vials, caps and PAL System uSPE cartridges need to be purchased separately)

PAL System µSPE cartridges

Part No. Description                                                

PAL System µSPE cartridge-LC QuEChERS sorbent mix - 30 mg
96 pcs in blister type 01-03A
requires firmware version 4.x or higher *

* Support for older firmware version on request by custom scripts

* Firmware version 4.x supported by PAL Method Composer Version 1.5 (new PAL System µSPE sample prep steps)


PAL System µSPE cartridge-GC QuEChERS sorbent mix - 45 mg
108 pcs in blister type 01-05B
requires firmware version 4.x or higher *

* Support for older firmware version on request by custom scripts

* Firmware version 4.x supported by PAL Method Composer Version 1.5 (new PAL System µSPE sample prep steps)

PAL System µSPE cartridge-GC QuEChERS sorbent mix - 45 mg
PAL System µSPE cartridge-LC QuEChERS sorbent mix - 30 mg

PAL System Accessories and recommended options

Part No. Description                                                
PAL3-Vial-Lock-uSPE54   μSPE elution tray cover to lock 2 mL vials in place, matching VT54 rack for use with uSPE cartridges
PAL3-Wasterecept-uSPE μSPE waste receptacle to hold μSPE cartridge tray 54 or 96 positions includes waste adapter for mounting on bottom of tray holder
PAL3-Rack-Cart-uSPE54-B    Cartridge Tray to hold 96 μSPE cartridges in blister
PAL3-Rack-Cart-uSPE54 Cartridge tray to hold 54 μSPE cartridges - also used for optional cartridge conditioning
PAL3-Rack-Cart-uSPE96 Cartridge tray to hold 96 μSPE cartridges
Vial-1.5ND-GC-100 Vial 2CV, 1.5 mL clear glass with label,12x32 mm, 1st class hydrolytic glass, fits ND9 Sscrew caps
Vial-0.3-ND9-PP-100 Micro-vial 2CV, 0.3 mL clear PP, 12x32 mm, with conical insert, fits ND9 screw caps
Cap-ND9-St-SP10Sb-100 Screw cap 2CV. ND9, magnetic, Gold, Silicone/PTFE/Starburst-Slitted septum 1.0 mm, pack of 100 pcs
Cap-ND9-PP-SP10S-100 Screw sap 2CV. ND9, PP, Silicone/PTFE/I-Slitted septum 1.0 mm, pack of 100 pcs