PAL RTC / RSI Modules

Agitatorfor the incubation and agitation of samples at controlled temperature
Barcode Readerreads barcode lables regardless of their position on the container
Centrifugesessential for sample prep
DeCapper for the opening/closing of 2, 10 , 20 mL screw cap vials
Dilutorfor the precise dispensing of larger amounts of solvents
Fast Wash Stationfor minimzed carryover
Large Wash & Solvent Modulefor the addition of different solvents
Heatex Stirrer Modulefor mixing and heating in sample prep and SPME Arrow
SPME Arrow Fiber Conditioningfor the conditioning of SPME Arrows as well as SPME fibers prior to sample collection
Standard Wash Stationreduces carryover
Trayholder & Stacksfor the storage of 2, 10, 20 mL vials and plates, also temperature controlled
Valve Drivefor injection and switching valves
Vortex Mixerfor efficient mixing (dilution/extraction)
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