PAL SPME Fibers: Optimized for automation


Since its introduction by Pawliszyn et al. (ref. 1) Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) has seen a tremendous development. SPME is a very effective way of automated sample preparation. It is used for extracting organics from a matrix (solid, liquid or gaseous) into a stationary phase immobilized on a fiber. The analytes are thermally desorbed directly in the injector of a gas chromatograph. Originally mostly used for extracting solvents with excellent sensitivities from aqueous matrices the range of applications today spans from chemical and environmental to medical applications.

PAL SPME Fibers have been developed and optimized for the most successful SPME sampler, the PAL System Autosampler. The fibers are offered with different coatings and film thicknesses (PAL SPME Fiber brochure). Their excellent extraction properties have been demonstrated for important applications and are compared to fibers available in the market (PAL SPME Fiber Comparison).

Detailed information on the specifications and handling of SPME Fibers are available. 

PAL SPME Fibers can be ordered from our network of Value Added Resellers.



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