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SPME Arrow speeding up research: VOC sampling from microbiological samples. Read the open access publication.

Join our Seminar: Recent Developments in Automated Micro-Extraction for Trace Contaminants

NEW: Create your sample prep methods in minutes

Pain Management & Drugs of Abuse Measured in Urine or Oral Fluid

The missing link for lab automation: PAL Centrifuges

ASMS talk: Efficient ionization of nonpolar compounds with a DBD plasma, MF Mirabelli, CTC Analytics, Tuesday 5th, 4:10 pm, Hall D ground level

Calibration standards: precise, accurate, efficient, fully traceable

Determination of MCPDs and glycidyl esters in foodstuff

Clean drinking water: Real time monitoring for off-flavour compounds

Time is money. Productivity x 2 with the PAL DHR Dual Head


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