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New: PAL Tray Cooler keeps your samples at the right temperature. No condensation on vial caps, even in humid environments.

"The μSPE robotic allows a significant reduction of labor." Elena Hakme, Mette Poulsen (DTU, Denmark) summarize µSPE cleanup of QuEChERS samples.

The choice of PAL Centrifuges just got bigger

Automated Preparation of Calibration Standards to SANTE Requirements

Parallel derivatization of metabolites with SWATH-MS data acquisition for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Read the open access article.

New: PAL Workstations

Applications out of the box: Metabolomics sample prep and dilutions (calibration standards)

Beer volatiles analyzed by PAL SPME Arrow coupled to GC-MS and VUV

Automated micro‐solid‐phase extraction clean‐up of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in food oils for analysis by gas chromatography – orbital ion trap mass spectrometry

PAL System Configurator Tool lets you easily configure the system for your sample preparation needs.

Metabolomics derivatization for qual. and quant. Analysis


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