Multiplexing - CHRONECT Workstation Multiplexing

The target analytes in liquid chromatography are often few only and elute in a small time slot. The matrix is of no interest to the analyst, but put a strain on the mass spectrometer. Normally the full elution must be awaited, as well as the reconditioning of the column. The PAL based Axel Semrau CHRONECT Workstation Multiplexing offers the most efficient utilization of LC/MS systems.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation Multiplexing:

  • Up to four LC columns and pumps can be installed in parallel
  • By intelligent valve switching, only the target analytes are transferred to the mass spectrometer 
  • The remaining chromatogram with matrix does not reach the mass spectrometer 
  • There is no loss of time for eluting non-relevant parts of the chromatogram and column reconditioning
  • The next sample measurement can be started timely staggered with another column 
  • By using up to four HPLC channels in parallel, the desired sections of four samples can be transferred to the MS in a time-interleaved manner and analysed in close succession (multiplexing)
  • Thus, the sample throughput of LC/MS systems can be increased up to fourfold
  • The entire system control and intelligent time management is handled by the CHRONOS software platform
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