PAL Method Composer now supports µSPE steps

The manual details the new features, available in the help section of the software. Download PAL Method Composer V 1.4 with the button on the right. All licenses can be used with this version. 

PAL Method Composer - Sections of the main program window
Sections of the main program window

Method developping tool

PAL Method Composer is the new tool to easily develop and test methods directly with the PAL3 System. This offers users direct access to all of the PAL3 System's capabilities. Completed methods are then imported and directly used in the particular CDS or MS-Data System for running the PAL3 System.




Currently supported CDS and MS-Data Systems:

PAL Method Composer - Sections of the main program window legend

• Analyst (AAO)
• Analyst (ADD)
• ChemStation / MassHunter / OpenLAB
• Compass HyStar
• Empower 3
• GCMSsolution / LabSolutions
• XCalibur / Chromeleon / TraceFinder

PAL Method Composer - Creation of a method by Drag & Drop
Creation of a method by Drag & Drop

Look and Feel

The graphical user interface allows the creation of a method by Drag & Drop. Each method consists of one or several steps which perform a certain task. The entirety of all steps forms the method.

Steps pane

PAL Method Composer - The Steps pane
The Steps pane

The steps pane shows the available steps categorized in 6 different classes:

• Control steps
• Cleaning steps
• Liquid handling steps
• Sample prep steps
• Signal steps
• Injection methods

Method pane

Method pane

Each method is built from a sequence of single steps. The steps can be dragged from the list of available steps on the particular instrument. Each step can be moved to another position within the method using Drag & Drop in the method pane.

Once a step has been dragged over to the method pane the default parameters can be accessed by clicking on the “Expand” button. The default parameters have been carefully selected. However, if other parameter settings are desired this can be easily done in the expanded step view.

Expanded step
Tool tip for uncomplete setup step

A method is considered as “valid”, if all steps match each other and form a useful sequence. The check for validity is performed automatically on the fly. The user is supported by messages and tooltips pointing to missing or inconsistent content.

Valid step

PAL Method Composer - Module Top View pane
Module Top View pane

Module top view pane

The module top view pane shows active and passive PAL modules as retrieved either from the configuration of a connected instrument or from  a previously stored configuration file. For the PAL RTC in addition also the tools stored on the slots of the Park Station are shown.

PAL Method Composer - Modules pane
Modules pane

Modules pane

The module pane shows modules and tools available in the configuration of the connected PAL3 System or in the offline configuration file. All modules are shown in tree structure with all subordinated items like e.g. Slots and Racks.

PAL Method Composer - The Status bar at the bottom of the program window
The Status bar at the bottom of the program window

Status bar

Connection State:
For online connections the IP address of the connected PAL System is shown, for offline connections the name of the used configuration file.

Sample State:
During runtime  of a method the actual state of the handled samples in shown.

Status Message:
During runtime of a method the Status Message of each performed step is shown.

Error Message:
During runtime of a method the occurring error messages are shown.

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