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Life Science

Improved Peak Shapes for High Organic Samples: Sandwich Injection

Keywords: High organic sample, peak shape, sandwich injection, LC-MS.


New Biopharmaceuticals: Bispecific Antibody Clone Selection 

Keywords: Bispecific, Monoclonal, Antibody, Clone Selection, Screening, Biologic, Protein, High-Throughput, Intact, PAL DHR, PAL Plugin System


Metabolite Profiling by Automated Methoximation and Silylation

Keywords: Metabolomics, metabolite profiling, derivatization, methoximation, silylation, GC-MS


Fully Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Headspace Extraction for the Analysis of Nitrosamine Impurities in Drug Products

Keywords: Nitrosamine, NDMA, drug, valsartan


Determination of Disinfection Process Residuals in Face Masks by automated Headspace-Gas Chromatography

Keywords: Ethylene Oxide, EO, masks, Headspace analysis, desinfection, sterilization

Automated Parallel Derivatization Strategy with Broad Metabolite Coverage Coupled to SWATH/MS Data Acquisition for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Keywords: Metabolomics, Broad Metabolite Coverage, automated derivatization, qualitative and quantitative analysis, LC-MS


Expert infusion automation for your high sensitivity metabolomics and lipidomics experiments

Keywords: Water, micropollutants, online monitoring, Fraction collection


Automated Sample Preparation for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring by LC-MS

Keywords: whole blood, primary container, sample preparation, protein precipitation, centrifugation, therapeutic drug Monitoring


Comparison of the manual and automated generation of calibration standards

Keywords: calibration, standard addition, manual vs. automated


LC/MS metabolomics platform with hyphenation of extraction and analysis for polar and non-polar metabolites in biological samples

Keywords: metabolomics, LLE, Bligh Dyer, lipids, fatty acids, LC-MS

On-line automated protein precipitation preparation followed by LC-MS/MS analysis and LDTD-MS/MS cross validation

Keywords: therapeutic drug monitoring, protein precipitation, LDTD, LC-MS


Powerful automation for hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) experiments

Keywords: hydrogen/deuterium exchange, protein, automation


Automated sample preparation in the proteomics laboratory

Keywords: protein digestion, peptide mapping, automation, LC-MS


Automation Arrives: Fully integrated automated Bligh and Dyer extraction

Keywords: metabolomics, LLE, Bligh Dyer, LC-MS, normal phase LC, RP LC


Automated surface sampling of tissues coupled to HPLC-MS

Keywords: surface sampling, biological tissue, droplet probe, polar metabolites, drugs


LC Carryover, and how to minimize it

Keywords: LC, LC-MS, cycle time, carryover


What does it take to efficiently automate sample prep?

Keywords: automation, method setup, tools, modules


Mid infrared (MIR) transmission spectroscopic methods for aqueous samples - monitoring and characterization of bioprocesses

Keywords: IR, MIR, spectroscopy, fermentation, parameter optmization 




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