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Drinking Water Quality Control - Screening for 57 Odorous Substances using SPME Arrow

Keywords: Green analytical chemistry, drinking water, quality control, odorous substances, geosmin, 2-MIB, headspace extraction, SPME Arrow, validation, GC-MS/MS


Determination of contaminating fragrances in fish by PAL SPME Arrow and GC-MS/MS

Keywords: SPME Arrow, Musk frangrances, Fish samples, GC-MS/MS


Rice flavor compounds from robotically cooked rice

Keywords:  Rice, quality, flavor, food fraud, SPME Arrow


Automated Determination of Glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate in Food by online Ligand Exchange SPE-LC-MS/MS

Keywords: Glyphosate, AMPA, glufosinate, LC-MS


Fully automated sample preparation for the determination of plasticizers in PVC from food contact materials and toys

Keywords: PVC, Food packaging, contamination, GC-MS


Profiling of Gin Botanicals by Headspace-SPME-ARROW-GCXGC-MSD/FID

Keywords: Gin, ingredient, characterization, GC-MS, GCxGC


Determination of Odor Compounds in Water by SPME Arrow Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

Keywords: Water, odour compounds, 2-MIB, geosmin



Keywords: VOCs in water, EPA 524, EPA 5030C, EPA 8260, geosmin, 2-MIB


Automated SPME: Extraction and Method Development Options with the PAL RTC and RSI

Keywords: Solid-phase microextraction, parameter optimization, conditioning, desorption, derivatization, organothiophospahtes


Comparison of the Manual and automated Generation of calibration Standards

Keywords: calibration, standard addition, manual vs. automate, statistical figures of merit, standard deviation, linearity, accuracy, precision


Determination of pharmaceuticals in water and surface water using online SPE coupled to liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Keywords: water, surface water, contaminants, pharmaceuticals, offline SPE, online SPE, LC-MS


Determination of phthalates in polymers applying automated liner exchange

Keywords: plasticizer, phthalates, thermal desorption, solid sample, automated liner exchange LINEX, OPTIC, GC-MS


Development of real time monitoring of off-flavour compounds in water using a functionalized autosampler with SPME-GC-MS/MS

Keywords: water, off-flavour, geosmin, 2-MIB, real time monitoring, SPME, GC-MS


PAL SPME Arrow for the determination of volatile organic compounds in water by GC-MS after headspacesolid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME) according to German standard method DIN 38 407-41

Keywords: VOC, BTEX, MTBE, water, SPME, SPME Arrow, standard method, DIN 38407-41


GC SPME determination of C2-C12 aldehydes in water

Keywords: water, aldehydes, SPME, on fiber derivatization, PFHBA, GC-MS


How to develop an ITEX (in-tube extraction) method

Keywords: dynamic headspace extarction, in-tube extraction, ITEX, method dvelopment, parameters


ITEX Dynamic Headspace application notes

Keywords: VOCs in water, flavor and fragrance allergens, optimization strategies og ITEX DHS methods


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