Find Solutions for your Daily Analytical Challenges

You will find proven workflows to increase your process safety, agility, efficiency, and productivity. A number of workflows are provided with the PAL System or are available as comprehensive solutions with tailored configurations. Analytical parameters can always be customized.

environmental analysis


Protection of our environment and natural resources is key. Water, our most precious food, is also our most and most thoroughly controlled food.

The PAL System provides the tools and workflows for automated analysis of large sample series, even the continuous online sampling from water streams.

food & food safety analysis

Food & Food Safety

The PAL System as the industry standard front-end for GC/MS and LC/MS offers proven automated sample prep solutions

The PAL workflows for food and feed analysis follow the internationally published standard methods, often micromethods are applied for a safer green analytical chemistry.

chemical analysis


Automation minimizes the variability in sample handling. PAL Systems excel in particular in the handling of difficult matrices like viscous or hazardous media.

The PAL System delivers proven and reliable workflows with high precision liquid handling for unattended 24/7 operation requirements.

clinical analysis


Pharmaceutical and forensic analytical chemistry often deals with biological samples, typically with challenging, complex matrices in sample preparation.

PAL Systems deliver proven workflows for the automated analysis of the active pharmaceutical ingredients, illicit drugs, toxic compounds, and also residue analysis.

life science analysis

Life Science

Automated applications in life sciences such as proteomics studies, cancer and biomarker studies are of special interest and define a cutting-edge area of analytical chemistry in research, clinical applications and the pharmaceutical industries.

Typical are the large sample series from cohorts of patients requiring highly reproducible processing, a particular strength of the PAL System

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