OEM Partnering
OEM Partnering

From Concept to Market Launch

OEM is our Business!

CTC Analytics AG has developed a comprehensive and robust automation platform for sample prep and liquid handling. From pick and place to complex sample prep workflows we offer state of the art and efficient integration and automation of all key steps in an automated workflow. We collaborate with more than 50 analytical instrument and VAR partners worldwide and we offer private label.
From the first idea we help to design your automated workflow for your specific need. With a customer specific proof of concept, we help you to make the right decisions early in the workflow development process. Based on these findings we design a configuration of our platform and help you with the implementation of any 3rd party devices when required. We have an SDK that helps you to integrate our system into your S/W system. Time to market is essential for you and therefore implement a workflow based on our existing tools and modules. We also support and offer custom specific development if needed. 

When the product is launched, we provide global support sales and service training and content for your specific marketing collateral. 

Our products are rigorously tested prior to shipment, and our quality management system has been awarded ISO13485:2016 certification. We provide all our customers with the highest level of quality, on-time delivery, service and support.

Over 70'000 installed systems of our platform worldwide by our partners are the base for your success when partnering with us.

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Our Instrument Partners

CTC Analytics AG has developed a comprehensive line of precise, adaptable liquid handling front-end automation systems. In addition, CTC Analytics' instrument software components offer operator convenience and single keyboard control. We provide our instrument partners with robust, reliable instruments, components and software that easily integrate into your products.

PAL Workstation

The PAL Workstation is a dedicated system based on the well-established and proven PAL System and enables fit for purpose sample prep automation. This yields to robust and consistent sample prep – instrument after instrument and kit after kit.

If you need a cost effective and powerful solution to automate your workflow, we are your ideal OEM partner. The workstation allows you to sell sample prep as a box solution in every lab and anywhere on the globe. The standardized approach guarantees consistent results – day after day 24/7.


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