PAL Systems Inject Precisely and Accurately with Multiple Injection Techniques

GC liquid, headspace, SPME and LC liquid injections - all on one instrument

GC liquid injection

GC Liquid Injection

Liquid injection onto GC systems is the most frequently used GC injection technique.

Highly precise GC injection with the PAL System. PAL Systems for robotic sample preparation deliver superior quality results for high precision analysis.

headspace injection

Headspace Injection

On the PAL System, both of the headspace analysis modes offer the easiest approach from sample to results.

For static and for dynamic headspace analysis only a dedicated tool is inserted into the PAL System and can be used immediately.

LC liquid injection

LC Liquid Injection

The wide selection of valves and tools allow injection to HPLC, UPLC or nano LC.

The PAL System allows to use Syringes, Pipette tools or direct injection from µSPE Cartridges. By making use of the unique bottom sensing function smallest volumes can be injected from limited amounts of sample.
Different wash options available on the PAL System make sure that carryover is minimized.

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