MultiMix - CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix

Workstation MultiMix

The PAL System precision is ideally suited for the fully automated production of calibration standards and mixes. The production of calibration standards and mixes in analytical laboratories is time-consuming and error-prone. The laboratory staff must not only pay attention to the correct preparation of the standard, but must also ensure that the high requirements for documentation are met.

Advantages of the CHRONECT  Workstation MultiMix:

  • The CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix enables the fully automatic production of calibration standards and reference mixes for regular in-house use
  • The requirements of the SANTE document 12682/2019 for Method Validation Procedures for Pesticide Residues Analysis in Food and Feed are fully met and can be transferred to other substance groups than pesticides
  • Reference substances and stock solutions are stored in a Peltier-cooled drawer, excluding light and humidity
  • The documentation created during production ensures full traceability of all steps using 2D barcodes and a dedicated software package
  • The standards are permanently marked by barcodes and are remixed after achieving room temperature
  • Instead of puncturing septa during standard production a vial decapper/capper is used
  • Accuracy of the concentrations are checked at any time through volumetric dosing and gravimetric precision
  • Standards production independent of working hours through automation
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