Proteomics - CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics

Workstation Proteomics

The mass spectrometric identification and quantification of proteins requires prior digestion of the proteins into peptides. It is carried out with the aid of enzymes such as the protease, trypsin or endopeptidase Lys-C. The basis for this automation is the CHRONECT Robotic Autosampler and the CHRONOS software developed by Axel Semrau. It allows a time-optimized utilization of the PAL robotic system and thus enables a high sample throughput.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics:

  • The analysis of proteins by mass spectrometric methods can be carried out either with proteins in solution or with proteins separated by SDS gel electrophoresis
  • The sample preparation consists of several steps. After denaturation and washing of the sample, the first step is the reduction and subsequent alkylation of the sulfhydryl groups of the proteins with the reagents TCEP and CAA
  • The enzymatic digestion is followed with the extraction of the newly formed peptides, which can then be analysed by mass spectrometry
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