Automated powder dispensing and processing
Automated powder dispensing and processing

Automated powder dispensing and processing - CHRONECT XPR

Workstation XPR

Besides solvent and solutions also solid materials must be handled precisely and reproducibly in laboratories.  Labs use a variety of substances as reference standards or for syntheses. They are weighed in the lower milligram range and added to the further experimental sequence. The CHRONECT XPR system follows the many-to-many approach: numerous formulations can be created from many starting materials quickly, reproducibly and without manual interaction. The integrated PAL System allows the further processing.

Advantages of the Powder Dispensing and Processing Workstation:

  • The Axel Semrau CHRONECT XPR System offers space for up to up to 32 powders in dosing heads hold ready on a shelf for up to 288 vessels 
  • All information about the solid material is stored on an RFID chip and read via the shelf
  • No manual handling of toxic substances
  • SBS plates offer space for different vessel sizes in which the powders are weighed in
  • Weighing takes place on the Mettler-Toledo XPR system
  • A six-axis robot handles the transport of the powder heads into the scale as well as the provision of the vessels under the dosing head
  • A vial transfer station grants access for both robots, XPR and the PAL System for subsequent processing
  • Axel Semrau CHRONOS software controls the system and executes the programmed workflow
  • Complete traceable documentation of each work step and the weighing process
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