EU Water framework Directive (EU WFD)
EU Water framework Directive (EU WFD)

EU Water framework Directive (EU WFD)

Solvent free determination of 100 Contaminants in Surface Water by GC-MS meeting EU Water framework Directive (EU WFD) requirements
EU member countries must monitor the “chemical status” of surface waters, regularly monitoring for a list of priority substances. The analysis methods used must fulfill predefined performance criteria. The GERSTEL EU-WFD analysis almost completely eliminates solvent use while determining 100 analytes in one GC-MS/MS run, including particle adsorbed analytes using the GERSTEL Twister (SBSE). Only a 100 mL water sample is needed and only a few mL of mainly polar solvent, which is used to recover particle adsorbed analytes.

Advantages of the Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) System:

  • Solvent free extraction of 100 contaminants. 
  • Only 100 mL of water sample is needed, compared with 1 L for standard methods.
  • More than 500 mL of expensive highly pure CH2Cl2 is saved per sample.
  • Cost savings on purchasing and on disposal of chemical waste.
  • Improved background levels of highly toxic solvent in the laboratory.
  • Improved laboratory work environment.
  • Highly efficient simultaneous extraction of large numbers of water samples is combined with automated analysis.
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