H53 - CHRONECT Workstation H53

Workstation H53

The determination of the hydrocarbon contamination in water is done by GC determination according to the EN ISO 9377-2 (H53) standard. 

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation H53:

  • No manual processing, full PAL System automation
  • The workflow covers the water extraction, phase separation, extract purification, concentration and GC analysis, all steps fully automated 
  • The extraction is performed using a Vortex Mixer on the PAL System. This reduces the preparation time down to 15 minutes per sample
  • The GC run takes only 25 minutes 
  • In the prep-ahead mode a sample throughput of approx. 60 samples per day can be achieved
  • A determination limit of 0.05 mg/Ll can be easily achieved,
    0.1 mg/l is required by the regulations
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