PFAS in drinking water
PFAS in drinking water

PFAS in drinking water with GERSTEL Online SPE-LC-MS/MS Prep Solution

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) and GERSTEL SPExos Online-SPE coupled directly to an LC-MS/MS system can determine PFAS at the required levels by direct injection of water samples. The system is fully automated. Solid phase extraction (SPE) is used as specified in the DIN 38407-42 method. 

Advantages of online SPE-LC-MS/MS Method with extract cleanup:

  • PFAS determined at the required levels by direct injection of water samples.
  • Fully automated, including SPE clean-up and concentration as specified in DIN 38407-42.
  • The DIN method list of analytes is easily expanded to the full EU Drinking Water Directive list.
  • Just 1-2 mL of water sample required: Simplified sample handling and ultra low solvent consumption. 
  • PFAS adsorbed on the vial wall, syringe wall, or on particles can be recovered with rinse solvent and added to the SPE cartridge for best possible recovery and accurate results. 
  • The SPE cartridge can be replaced after each analysis to eliminate carryover.
  • User-defined number of samples run per cartridge helps optimize cost for clean sample types.
  • Excellent accuracy and reproducibility demonstrated by Successful participation in round robin: 
    “RV 7/22 PFAS in accordance with the EU Drinking Water Directive”. 
  • Workflow meets the DIN 38414-14 method requirements for determination of selected PFC in sludge, compost, and soil.
  • Method available for determination of PFAS in QuEChERS-like extracts of Meat, Fish and Egg.
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