Cholesterol - CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol

 determining the egg content in food

How to determine the egg content in food? The routine methods determine the content of cholesterol, and involves several time-consuming, manual steps for chromatographic analysis. The Axel Semrau CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol offers the fully automated determination of the egg content in food compliant to official regulations. For the automated approach good matches of the results were found for different matrices.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol:

  • Fully walk-away automation including online GC analysis.
  • Easy handling. The sample vials are placed onto the rack of the PAL System.
  • The samples are automatically saponified. 
  • An automated liquid-liquid extraction is performed after neutralization, followed by automated drying using Na2SO4
  • The diluted extract is injected online into the LC-GC-FID system. 
  • The LC column is backflushed to remove remaining matrix. 
  • These automated steps significantly improve the system reliability and lifetime of the chromatographic columns. 
  • If samples contain starch the automated workflow is optionally extended by an enzymatic starch hydrolysis. 
  • The use of LC-GC technology allows the elimination of a derivatization step for GC analysis. 
  • Up to 18 samples can be processed within 24 hours.
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